Osso VR

I was instrumental in transforming a PC-only VR surgical training system to run on the very first version of Oculus Quest. Most of the work was in custom shaders, art / scene optimization, and pipeline. Osso VR was elevated to a new level of realism and quality never seen before on mobile VR.

Since then (2020), some of my accomplishments include:

  • Achieving better performance and graphics quality on Quest1 from the existing PC-VR version by heavily optimizing the shaders and graphics pipeline and working with talented artists in tandem.
  • Dynamic simulation of fluoroscopy rendering on Quest 1 and 2
  • Dynamic simulation of 2D ultrasound rendering on Quest 2 (shown above)
  • Dynamic simulation of 3D ultrasound rendering on Quest 3
  • Dynamic soft-tissue simulation of a needle on patient face (prototype not shown)
  • Developing many of the production tools and interactive behaviors used in the surgical training product

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